Friday, 31 May 2013

A Clean Code is SEO Secret SourceCode

When a Web Crawler Visit Your Website It Check the Source-code of your website.Let me give you a example think of a Search Engine Bot or Crawler as a girl which came to your website to see how beautiful you are from inside not outside.So if you mean your website source code is perfect she search engine bot or crawler will like it and the more she like it the more advantage you can have in the particular search engine.

Now Every Search Engine Bot or Crawler check various things in the source code of your website.Some check whether you followed the guidelines set by particular search engine, some will check how completely your website is organized in terms of categories, files, images, sitemaps or some will check if there is some messy code or UN-used, not necessary code in your webpage source-code.

Below is some basic guideline that you can look whether you are going to develop your website from scratch or whether you are going to optimize it for search engines.

  • Always use schema for your website especially if your website consist of lot's of content in writing and images.

  • Check your website or webpage titles, descriptions, meta-tags, meta-description, keywords for repetitions if there are some remove them.It should be unique for each webpage.

  • Check if there is UN-necessary code in your website homepage source-code or any other page source code if there is take necessary steps to remove it.

  • It is good practice sometime to dis-allow search engine from checking the scripts such as javascript on your website to overcome downtime on web server.

  • Put your script files and script code at the end of webpage so it can be loaded after your website or webpage is visible to human visitor sometime it is good practice because it happen that the code have some bug and take much more time to load.

  • Focus on smaller size for your webpages the smaller the size the less time it take to load.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What to Do Create Links or Spam Links

There are always's two side of all things Bad One and Good One and it is true for SEO too. That's why there are two type's of SEO Good One's ( White Hat ) and Bad One's ( Black Hat ) there is also another category ( Grey Hat ) but we will not be discussing it now.

There are two way's to make backlink's either the good way by creating it manually or either by Spamming them automatically ( by using Bot's or Special Application's )

Let's See How both White Hat and Black Hat SEO work:

White Hat SEO:

Some basic factor's

  • Alway's try to Create Backlink's manually.
  • Try to Check various factor's before creating backlink's from the Page or Website that include's but not limited to ( PageRank, Domain Age, Website Authority, DoFollow or NoFollow, Page is not involve in Spamming, Website is not Categorized as Malicious  ).
  • Try to Create Reputation in Social Media ( Website's ) before Creating link's.
  • One Link from Authority Website or WebPage is best Rather than Spamming them for Hundered's.
  • Analyze Created backlink's what work's or what not.
  • Keep Changing there backlink strategy according to Search Engine's Update's and Algorithms Change.
  • Not Limit there Backlink's for One Keyword or Long Tail Phrase.

Black Hat SEO:

  • Alway's Stick to Bot's or Automated Application's for Creating Backlinks.
  • Try to Check various factor's Using Automated tool's before creating backlink's from the Page or Website that include's but not limited to ( PageRank, Domain Age, Website Authority, DoFollow or NoFollow, Page is not involve in Spamming, Website is not Categorized as Malicious  ).
  • Create Hundred's of Social Media ( Website's ) Account's for Creating link's.
  • Hundred's Link from Authority Website or WebPage are best.
  • Alway's or Sometime Analyze Created backlink's what work's or what not.
  • Keep Changing there backlink strategy according to Search Engine's Update's and Algorithms Change.
  • Some time Excessively Limit there Backlink's for One Keyword or Long Tail Phrase.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Achieving High Ranking In Search Engine

There is absolute no possible way to ensure hundred percent top ranking in any Search Engine and even one achieve this task than the second obstical is to maintain the ranking Again there is no possible way to ensure staying at top ranking forever.

There is some idea that ON-Page SEO play big role in keeping the current ranking's in Search Engine.

Simple definition of ON-Page SEO

To make a Website, Webpage, Post, Sales Page according to the guidelines that is Set by Search Engine's and not abusing the Search Engine Crawler or indexer for achieving high ranking tactics i.e hidden text, hidden server side code, UN-ethical use of meta-tags, meta-description, spam content etc.

That mean the stronger you make your website, webpage,post or sales page On-Page SEO the longer you will survive in Search Engine World.

Some tips to make your website Search Engine friendly:

  • Keep Your Website Code ( Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP etc ) Simple and Organized.
  • Follow Search Engine Guidelines that is set for Webmaster's.
  • Focus On Link's you make Within Website and check whether you want them to be DoFollow or NoFollow.
  • Keep External Links as Low as Possible and Focus on Internal Links.
  • Take Notice of Your Server Downtime or Website Downtime if it has some issue's.
  • If Using Server Side Code i.e JavaScript or other keep an eye on error's and load time.
  • Most Major Search Engine Provide Webmaster Tools i.e Google, Bing and other use them to obtain details analysis about crawler's, meta-description, meta-tags, keywords, backlink's and other information regarding your website.
  • If you are targeting for a specific keyword do a detail analysis for that Keyword and make your Webpage, Post or Sales Page accordingly but do remember don't stuff your content with that Keyword, use similar meaning words with-in post like ( Synonyms ) to make it natural.
  • Don't Make the Title of Your Website, Webpage, Post or Sales Page too long.
  • Alway's Write Or Provide Original Content.

The Future of Search Engine Optimization

When the first Search Engine was introduced back in 90's and if i am correct it was 'Yahoo' people have no idea what impact it will highlight after ten or fifteen years.But we see one after another search engine's emerged on World Wide Web.Some of them didn't make name for them-self's and some of them did.The Prime example is today's major search engine's like ( Google, Yahoo and Bing ).

The basic goal's of all the major search engine's are simple to make World Wide Web simple, easy to search, in order, easy to browse, categorized, removing junk from the web and to give a clear solution to a problem from searching vast resources from around the web.

A Simple definition of a Search Engine will be:

A Search Engine is a Website that search for other Website's on the Internet.

If you search 'SEO' in any search engine it will bring all the webpages address's which is relevant to your Search or in SE word's a Query.

You can see that all the top address's or Webpages are either authority website's or reputed links.

Search Engine's priortize the result of Query according to there own respective algorithms ( do remember search engine don't disclose there algo's and other detail due to abuse ) .

If you are thinking about the future of Search Engine's you should also think about this:

How Can You Control a thing which you do not have any control over. 

Search Engine Optimization is also considered a field full of Hype and Non-Sense.Because of ever changing rules and algorithms of Search Engine's it is very hard to make some learning material or introduced any professional courses.

Yes there are some basic's of SEO but on those bases one can never understand the Complete and up-to-date SEO. 

SEO is a field of Experimentation's the more you do it the more you will succeed. Now You can understand why they tell you in every secret or course you bought over internet one thing 'Take Action' in other word's Do Some Experimentation Goddammit.

I don't recommend you go on and start doing experimentation on your well reputed site in google index.Do it on some test site and whatever give you best result's apply it on your original website.

If you think about these questions you can understand there is No Future of SEO and there is No Past it's only Now what apply's best and what is Working.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Building BackLinks in a Natural Way

One Important thing that come's in every SEO person mind is How to build backlink's.This is important question and very ethical one too and even a blackhat SEO person will think about it even more when he is making his strategy of building backlink's.

There is One most important rule in building backlink's.

Alway's Focus on Quality not Quantity.

That's doesn't mean you harvest google for your keyword make a list of all website that is above the rank of 4 or 5 and start spamming them.

The Key is to make link's in natural order.

Make Some DoFollow backlinks.
Make Some NoFollow backlinks.
Make Some Forum backlinks.
Make Few .Edu backlinks.

Ping them in natural order and wait for a week before starting making backlink's again.

Some of you maybe thinking why wait for a week can i not simply go on by making backlink's on other website.That because i think we should wait and not exhaust ourself by making numerous backlink's without any benefit.

The benefit's of waiting is.

You will see which backlink's get indexed after you pinged them and what was the effect of it on your particular Post or Page ( rankings ) and in most cases it can take more than week or two or maybe a month.

But Patience is the key in SEO business.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Understanding NoFollow and DoFollow Links

Understanding What is DoFollow Link and What is NoFollow Link is not rocket science. But it can do wonder's in the field of Search Engine Optimization and atleast you should know about it if you are trying to get in into SEO field or as a Webmaster.

Let's take a Example

SEO Mofo is releated to Search Engine Optimization when google Spider's or Crawler's visit a particular post or page of this website it check for content, meta tag's, title, and reference links with-in post.

All Things Need Patience SEO is One of Them

If you check this post you will find that there is only One link with anchor text SEO that goes to Wikipedia and big thing is i made it Nofollow.

Definition of NoFollow Link:

A link that do not pass link juice of source website to reference website.In Our Case SEO Mofo is source website and Wikipedia is reference website.

Definition of DoFollow Link:

A link that pass link juice of source website to reference website.In Our Case SEO Mofo is source website and Wikipedia is reference website.

By default all links you make in your website are DoFollow You need to add ' rel="nofollow" ' attribute to your HTML link to make it NoFollow.

It is better practice to make useful links only DoFollow and the rest NoFollow to maintain balance and not to give impression to search engine's that you are spamming or selling text links.

All Things Need Patience SEO is One of Them

All Things Need Patience and SEO is one of them.It's like Ice-Cream Van and You are like a child who wait for it to get the favorite ice-cream.But Ice-Cream truck comes on a particular time and have fixed price's for different one's.

The Example can be more easily presented as.

White Hat SEO Professional:

1. Made Lemonade and Sold it all on Street. ( did Work)
2. Waited for Ice-Cream Man. ( Time Patience)
3. Bought his favorite Ice-Cream and Enjoyed it. ( Awarded with Right Ranking for Work in Search Engine ).

Black Hat SEO Professional:

1. Steal Someone else Lemonade and Sold it On Street. ( Little Work )
2. Run to Super-store for his favorite Ice-Cream. ( No Patience )
3. Bought Ice-Cream but one the way it fell and he never enjoyed the taste fully. ( Awarded With Ranking But after few days it suddenly dropped )

Once you complete a SEO task the next and important thing you need to do is to wait and see the result.

Take Action and be patient.

SEO is not a Art It's A War

When any random person just pronounce the word 'SEO' to you.The first thing that come to [your/people] mind is Backlinks. This is a typical thinking about SEO from a Newbie Search Engine Optimizing Person.

I will take the same scenario and describe it according to the thinking of SEOptimizing people's.

In a Office three person who applied for the Position of Search Engine Optimizer Guru were short listed and called for interview.

Let Assume...
First One is Newbie SEO Specialist.
Second One is Moderate SEO Specialist.
Third One is Pro SEO Specialist.

The Interviewer's decided they will ask one question from the candidates and will decide there fate accoroding to it.

What is SEO?

Newbie SEO Specialist:

To Create lot's of backlinks for a website or online property so it can achieve 1st ranking in search engine's ( specially in GOOGLE ).

Moderate SEO Specialist:

To Create a good reputation for a website according to it's niche in online ( search engines) so it can get good business or achieve it's goal.

Pro SEO Specialist:

I don't want to comment on that. Please next question :D

It is typical they will decide to select the third Candidate Pro SEO Guru.

The thing is SEO is ever evolving field that you can not describe with a Simple definition.

Yes i do agree there are some basic's of SEO but on those basic's defining SEO will be unfair.

And Since Search Engine Keep updating there Algorithms now and then so no one know's how soon a good strategy for better ranking in search engine's can become obselete.

Most of the Webmaster's also noticed the keyword they were ranking for 1st or 2nd in a particular search engine were no longer in the same position after a update of ranking system or algo's by a particular search engine.

SEO is a war between Webmaster's and Search engines ( Yahoo, Google, Bing ) from there inception and it can only be won by learning diverse knowledge of both SEO and Search Engine's and by taking action.