Friday, 31 May 2013

A Clean Code is SEO Secret SourceCode

When a Web Crawler Visit Your Website It Check the Source-code of your website.Let me give you a example think of a Search Engine Bot or Crawler as a girl which came to your website to see how beautiful you are from inside not outside.So if you mean your website source code is perfect she search engine bot or crawler will like it and the more she like it the more advantage you can have in the particular search engine.

Now Every Search Engine Bot or Crawler check various things in the source code of your website.Some check whether you followed the guidelines set by particular search engine, some will check how completely your website is organized in terms of categories, files, images, sitemaps or some will check if there is some messy code or UN-used, not necessary code in your webpage source-code.

Below is some basic guideline that you can look whether you are going to develop your website from scratch or whether you are going to optimize it for search engines.

  • Always use schema for your website especially if your website consist of lot's of content in writing and images.

  • Check your website or webpage titles, descriptions, meta-tags, meta-description, keywords for repetitions if there are some remove them.It should be unique for each webpage.

  • Check if there is UN-necessary code in your website homepage source-code or any other page source code if there is take necessary steps to remove it.

  • It is good practice sometime to dis-allow search engine from checking the scripts such as javascript on your website to overcome downtime on web server.

  • Put your script files and script code at the end of webpage so it can be loaded after your website or webpage is visible to human visitor sometime it is good practice because it happen that the code have some bug and take much more time to load.

  • Focus on smaller size for your webpages the smaller the size the less time it take to load.