Sunday, 2 June 2013

Top Ranking in Search Engines Using SEO Magic Wand

If you came to this page using search engine and thinking of 'SEO Magic Wand' is some kind of software, application, ebook or magic formula to get top ranking in search engines than my advice go back where you came from and also stop searching for bullshit like that :D

Think of Search Engines as dynamically changing machines some kind of auto-bots that do stuff of there own the minute you crack the secret behind getting Number 1 ranking in particular search engine the next minute the secret loophole you found will be closed and another will be open to be found.

Ever wondered why you see or hear that few people succeed using a particular method to get higher ranking in search engine and most of them say they didn't or lie about it.Because who ever found the secret code or formula behind that or however tricked people to buy his product also mentioned one important thing in his product that is 'Take Action'.

Because the person knew that he get some good ranking by doing lot of experimentation's and the method he is now calling perfect and willing to sell to people will most probably will not be working after tomorrow or few day's or maybe (which is alway's) it was his luck which got him some good ranking in search engines.

So why not fool some people by writing a compelling eBook or by making a great video about the product and sell it to them.

Now there are three kind of people who buy the product.

  • One are those who will act step by step accordingly what is said in the product to get top ranking for there web properties.

  • Second who will do little things differently according to there understanding.

  • Third who will just buy the product to expand there personal collection of 'Getting top ranking in search engines' catalog.

We will look into the first and the second kind of audience.because the third one's are extra genius.

The first one are those who will never succeed because the trick that worked for the author of product never work for other's because the author exactly don't know in first place what really worked for him and in most cases he just trying to fool people for money.

The Second one are those from who you will hear or see that yes they succeeded using X product or X formula because what they did is they also experimented like the author with some Y ingredients of there own and some Z ingredients that is mentioned by the author in the product.