Friday, 17 May 2013

The Future of Search Engine Optimization

When the first Search Engine was introduced back in 90's and if i am correct it was 'Yahoo' people have no idea what impact it will highlight after ten or fifteen years.But we see one after another search engine's emerged on World Wide Web.Some of them didn't make name for them-self's and some of them did.The Prime example is today's major search engine's like ( Google, Yahoo and Bing ).

The basic goal's of all the major search engine's are simple to make World Wide Web simple, easy to search, in order, easy to browse, categorized, removing junk from the web and to give a clear solution to a problem from searching vast resources from around the web.

A Simple definition of a Search Engine will be:

A Search Engine is a Website that search for other Website's on the Internet.

If you search 'SEO' in any search engine it will bring all the webpages address's which is relevant to your Search or in SE word's a Query.

You can see that all the top address's or Webpages are either authority website's or reputed links.

Search Engine's priortize the result of Query according to there own respective algorithms ( do remember search engine don't disclose there algo's and other detail due to abuse ) .

If you are thinking about the future of Search Engine's you should also think about this:

How Can You Control a thing which you do not have any control over. 

Search Engine Optimization is also considered a field full of Hype and Non-Sense.Because of ever changing rules and algorithms of Search Engine's it is very hard to make some learning material or introduced any professional courses.

Yes there are some basic's of SEO but on those bases one can never understand the Complete and up-to-date SEO. 

SEO is a field of Experimentation's the more you do it the more you will succeed. Now You can understand why they tell you in every secret or course you bought over internet one thing 'Take Action' in other word's Do Some Experimentation Goddammit.

I don't recommend you go on and start doing experimentation on your well reputed site in google index.Do it on some test site and whatever give you best result's apply it on your original website.

If you think about these questions you can understand there is No Future of SEO and there is No Past it's only Now what apply's best and what is Working.