Thursday, 16 May 2013

Building BackLinks in a Natural Way

One Important thing that come's in every SEO person mind is How to build backlink's.This is important question and very ethical one too and even a blackhat SEO person will think about it even more when he is making his strategy of building backlink's.

There is One most important rule in building backlink's.

Alway's Focus on Quality not Quantity.

That's doesn't mean you harvest google for your keyword make a list of all website that is above the rank of 4 or 5 and start spamming them.

The Key is to make link's in natural order.

Make Some DoFollow backlinks.
Make Some NoFollow backlinks.
Make Some Forum backlinks.
Make Few .Edu backlinks.

Ping them in natural order and wait for a week before starting making backlink's again.

Some of you maybe thinking why wait for a week can i not simply go on by making backlink's on other website.That because i think we should wait and not exhaust ourself by making numerous backlink's without any benefit.

The benefit's of waiting is.

You will see which backlink's get indexed after you pinged them and what was the effect of it on your particular Post or Page ( rankings ) and in most cases it can take more than week or two or maybe a month.

But Patience is the key in SEO business.