Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What to learn from Google Penguin and Panda Updates

Instead of blaming Google for there Updates and it's effect on a Website the real and true webmaster will alway's try to improve there website in order to remain protected against future updates from google or other search engines.

The Only way to stay protected is to learn from past and that's mean to learn more about the past updates so you can 40% predict what will be happening in the near future.Offcourse predicting things in SEO business is a foolish thing because as i mentioned in my earlier posts that SEO is all about today not future because you can know what is working right now but you can never know exactly what can hit you in future.

google search engine updates

As i am reading and looking into SEO i will not say much but yes i do it as hobby i come across different things and what i can remember i will write in this post so i can put it together for future reference and visitors are always welcome to look into it.


First Appearance : Internet World, Feb 23 2011

Causes or Reasons : Thin Content, Content Farms, High Bounce Rates, Spam.

Instructions to Overcome : Replacing duplicate Content, Use of Unique Content for submission  based  backlinks like guest blogging, No Content Spinning.

Number of Updates : If i can remember correctly it was 13 or something.

Perecent of Websites Effected by Google Panda Update : Near 12% 


First Appearance : Internet World, April 24 2012

Causes or Reasons : Low Quality Links, Over Optimized Content/Backlinks/Anchor text, Keyword Stuffing.

Instructions to Overcome : Natural Anchor texts, Contextual Thematic links, Synonymous keyword usage such as keyword diversification.

Number of Updates : Four or something.

Perecent of Websites Effected by Google Penguin Update : Around 4%