Friday, 17 May 2013

Achieving High Ranking In Search Engine

There is absolute no possible way to ensure hundred percent top ranking in any Search Engine and even one achieve this task than the second obstical is to maintain the ranking Again there is no possible way to ensure staying at top ranking forever.

There is some idea that ON-Page SEO play big role in keeping the current ranking's in Search Engine.

Simple definition of ON-Page SEO

To make a Website, Webpage, Post, Sales Page according to the guidelines that is Set by Search Engine's and not abusing the Search Engine Crawler or indexer for achieving high ranking tactics i.e hidden text, hidden server side code, UN-ethical use of meta-tags, meta-description, spam content etc.

That mean the stronger you make your website, webpage,post or sales page On-Page SEO the longer you will survive in Search Engine World.

Some tips to make your website Search Engine friendly:

  • Keep Your Website Code ( Html, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP etc ) Simple and Organized.
  • Follow Search Engine Guidelines that is set for Webmaster's.
  • Focus On Link's you make Within Website and check whether you want them to be DoFollow or NoFollow.
  • Keep External Links as Low as Possible and Focus on Internal Links.
  • Take Notice of Your Server Downtime or Website Downtime if it has some issue's.
  • If Using Server Side Code i.e JavaScript or other keep an eye on error's and load time.
  • Most Major Search Engine Provide Webmaster Tools i.e Google, Bing and other use them to obtain details analysis about crawler's, meta-description, meta-tags, keywords, backlink's and other information regarding your website.
  • If you are targeting for a specific keyword do a detail analysis for that Keyword and make your Webpage, Post or Sales Page accordingly but do remember don't stuff your content with that Keyword, use similar meaning words with-in post like ( Synonyms ) to make it natural.
  • Don't Make the Title of Your Website, Webpage, Post or Sales Page too long.
  • Alway's Write Or Provide Original Content.