Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SEO is not a Art It's A War

When any random person just pronounce the word 'SEO' to you.The first thing that come to [your/people] mind is Backlinks. This is a typical thinking about SEO from a Newbie Search Engine Optimizing Person.

I will take the same scenario and describe it according to the thinking of SEOptimizing people's.

In a Office three person who applied for the Position of Search Engine Optimizer Guru were short listed and called for interview.

Let Assume...
First One is Newbie SEO Specialist.
Second One is Moderate SEO Specialist.
Third One is Pro SEO Specialist.

The Interviewer's decided they will ask one question from the candidates and will decide there fate accoroding to it.

What is SEO?

Newbie SEO Specialist:

To Create lot's of backlinks for a website or online property so it can achieve 1st ranking in search engine's ( specially in GOOGLE ).

Moderate SEO Specialist:

To Create a good reputation for a website according to it's niche in online ( search engines) so it can get good business or achieve it's goal.

Pro SEO Specialist:

I don't want to comment on that. Please next question :D

It is typical they will decide to select the third Candidate Pro SEO Guru.

The thing is SEO is ever evolving field that you can not describe with a Simple definition.

Yes i do agree there are some basic's of SEO but on those basic's defining SEO will be unfair.

And Since Search Engine Keep updating there Algorithms now and then so no one know's how soon a good strategy for better ranking in search engine's can become obselete.

Most of the Webmaster's also noticed the keyword they were ranking for 1st or 2nd in a particular search engine were no longer in the same position after a update of ranking system or algo's by a particular search engine.

SEO is a war between Webmaster's and Search engines ( Yahoo, Google, Bing ) from there inception and it can only be won by learning diverse knowledge of both SEO and Search Engine's and by taking action.