Wednesday, 15 May 2013

All Things Need Patience SEO is One of Them

All Things Need Patience and SEO is one of them.It's like Ice-Cream Van and You are like a child who wait for it to get the favorite ice-cream.But Ice-Cream truck comes on a particular time and have fixed price's for different one's.

The Example can be more easily presented as.

White Hat SEO Professional:

1. Made Lemonade and Sold it all on Street. ( did Work)
2. Waited for Ice-Cream Man. ( Time Patience)
3. Bought his favorite Ice-Cream and Enjoyed it. ( Awarded with Right Ranking for Work in Search Engine ).

Black Hat SEO Professional:

1. Steal Someone else Lemonade and Sold it On Street. ( Little Work )
2. Run to Super-store for his favorite Ice-Cream. ( No Patience )
3. Bought Ice-Cream but one the way it fell and he never enjoyed the taste fully. ( Awarded With Ranking But after few days it suddenly dropped )

Once you complete a SEO task the next and important thing you need to do is to wait and see the result.

Take Action and be patient.